Very stressed~@_@~ God.... as I expect, I have to face 4 projects and finish them in this 2 weeks.Did a bit here and there, but I am sick of doing it, can't concentrate on writing the same sort of things anymore... I 裝潢am still in the library, look at the beautiful weather and lively environment outside, there are many nice cafe, restaurants, bars, hotels even a small man-made beach next to my campus, also the river and ferries...@_@ So 商務中心much to do out there...I have asked myself a few times: Why am I sitting here and feel all the stress, working on something I don't really in the mood to do now?? Maybe I should just go back to work full-time? I know I 買房子will feel bored to work as full-time, as I have an artist personality, I can't stand in that kind ordinary lifestyle...haha... who to blame? No wonder I can do so many jobs at the same time, coz I get bored easily when 酒店打工I have to do the same thing for a period of time, I always seeking for new things, new jobs, new environment, don't want to be set or stay in a same style, job, area...etc. That's me!!! A difficult and complicate 長灘島person....hahaha... But how and when can I find a way to balance? To settle down and not seeking things all the time? I don't know when will that be. Just let the time and experiences lead me, be myself i guess.I 貸款can't keep working on my latest project, need to stop to relax and get some more inspirations as well as motivations for myself, so I went to browse on yahoo knowledge site a lot these days, to look and answer other 酒店打工people's questions, think about life and what I want. I have found out that I really enjoyed to help other people with their questions if I know a better answer, even get addicted to answer questions now...haha... I 吳哥窟have used out my limit of answering towards questions today. Well.... who cares? I just know I will be extremely busy and stress later this weekend, coz I will have to rush and finish my first big project. OK, better go 室內裝潢back to work on it now....lalala....@_@... I don't like these projects! Finished my complaint, talk to myself again~~ha ^O^

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